Planetary Gear Units

Planetary Gear Units

PL/PLB Series

PL/PLB series reducers are equipped with planet group gears. They are preferred thanks to their structural simplicity, small-sized cases and ability to transfer high torques. They can be classified by output shafts; spline shaft, keyed solid shaft, Shrink disc, and female spline shaft. As case, it is available as flanged or Legged mounting. PL assembly comprises of planets on the same axis, and PLB assembly other input bevel grades comprise of combination of planet assemblies.

* Capacity to bearing high torques in small-sized cases.
* High axial and radial load bearing capacity.
* There is an even load distribution among planetary gears.
* Output cases are cast iron.
* Highly efficient (depending on the number of stages.)
* Very wide reduction ratio range.
* Gears are cut in compliance with international standards.

Technical Details

Torque    : 500...660000 Nm
Power     : 0.12...160 kW
Ratio       : 3.55...9793