About NRW

As a brand exporting for more than 80 countries, we brought PGR GmbH into service in 2014 in Ahlen, Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany in order to increase our share in European Market. Our factory with production area for 5.800 m2 delivers our products to our customers in Europe by means of experienced and professional employees swiftly and provides aftermarket support in-place, therefore, it constitutes a robust bridge connecting Europe and Turkey.

Having an impressive growth trend even in crisis periods since the beginning of activities, NRW has covered a distance in branding process and become a leading company in the domestic market. In addition, it is now a company which exports to more than 70 countries in 5 continents, especially Germany, with many franchises and distributorships and PGR GmbH assembly factory located in Germany in 5.800 sqm of area, which has been operating since 2014.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide solutions which can meet demands of our customers by using information technologies in the most efficient and qualified manner.

As NRW Drive Technologies, we continue our activities by using simultaneous engineering methods in order to meet the needs of our customers at maximum with a wide range of products. Designing activities, product development programs and computer-aided activities show an ever-developing chart. Our competitive and strong quality policy widens our customer portfolio.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global company which prioritizes customer satisfaction and does not watch, but creates developments.