Intellectual Property

PGR GmbH holds the license of all intellectual property rights on material included in our website and published here. Such works are under the protection of copyright laws and contracts in the whole world. All rights reserved.

You can upload parts from any page/pages of our website for your personal references and print a copy of them and draw attention of other people working in your institutions to the material sent to your website.

You might not make any change or amendment on the pages which you print or upload or on the digital copies; and you might not use any image, photo, visual material or audible set or graphic without their texts. You are required to show resource for all pages uploaded.

You might not use any part of the material included in our website for any commercial purposes without our license.

If you print, reproduce or upload any part of our website by violating such usage conditions, your right to use our website will be ceased and you will be required to send or destruct all copies you have depending on your preference.

PGR GmbH protects its trademark and logos in all countries where it uses them.

Without written permission, you might not frame or use framing methods to disclose any trademark, logo or other property information (including visual material, text, page order or form) of. Without our written permission, you might not use any meta tag or another hidden text with our trademarks.

Contents bearing the trademark, logo or service brands are the registered or unregistered trademarks of PGR GmbH. Without the written permission of content owners, you are prohibited to use such contents for any other purpose apart from those specified in this provisions and terms. Besides, you are kindly requested to be informed that PGR GmbH. will fight for the protection of intellectual property rights including the criminal charge in a wide scale as permitted by the laws.

Terms of Logo Use

The logo of NRW which belongs to PGR GmbH;

  • Might not be used by being changed (in size, color, use on background color) and might be enlarged or made smaller if necessary. Its size might not be extended, enlarged or shrank.
  • The logo might be used only on the printed documentations or online platforms directly related to PGR GmbH. It might not be used for any subject which is not related.
  • The logo might not be used as a part of another logo or design element.
  • The logo might not be used to block the rights of PGR GmbH.
  • PGR GmbH shall reserve its right to commence legal proceeding against those acting not in compliance with the logo use principles or using the logo in violation with the laws.