Quality Policies

NRW Drive Technologies evaluates and applies management system practices as an element of the production and service process in order to achieve the best. In line with these principles;

  • To follow the technological developments in the sector, to ensure continuously increasing customer satisfaction by responding to the demands and expectations of its customers in a complete and timely manner in order to maintain its stability in the market share, to increase the performance of its trained employees by providing a peaceful working environment,
  • To comply with published national/international legal requirements and other requirements and to keep up to date,
  • To evaluate all risks within the scope of Integrated Management Systems and to reduce these risks with the actions to be taken,
  • To reduce waste at its source, to prevent pollution and to keep environmental impacts under control with technological means,
  • Raising awareness of employees on management systems through trainings,
  • To ensure a common perspective in accordance with Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety requirements at all levels of the organisation,
  • To carry out the necessary work for the determination and realisation of Integrated Management Systems objectives,
  • To provide the necessary infrastructure for the participation of employees in the studies within the scope of Integrated Management Systems,
  • To continuously improve all activities in existing Management Systems

It has adopted it as a company policy.

Quality Control Process

NRW has adopted its quality management system for quality of its gear units in order to improve performance constantly and minimize deviations and wastage. NRW continues applications, ensure sustainability and improves efficiency for this system.

Including conditions required to meet quality terms of gear units that are needed by customers, NRW has quality goals which can response to expectations of customers, are scalable and complying with quality policy.

NRW aims at constant improvement in production, quality and all other processes. In line with this, it makes investments and supports required for trainings of its personnel, as well as investments for machinery-equipment, etc.

Especially for high-quality and defect-free production and providing the best service to its customers, NRW operates with 6 CMM measuring devices, 2 Klingelnberg branded gear measuring devices, various material testing and analysis devices, gear unit performance measuring and testing devices and other quality equipment in its quality department.

In addition, it realizes university-industry cooperations and R&D and development projects with institutions including TUBITAK, Santes, etc. and maintains such activities consistently.

NRW acts with the motto “next process is the customer of the previous one” and prevents potential errors while executing production and quality activities in its factories.

NRW has established its After-Sale Services (SSH) department within the scope of customer orientation in order to raise customer satisfaction. It has determined their requirements and needs; so it reviews and evaluates each of their feedbacks, maintains its support for their customers even after sale and reviews its efficiency consistently.

NRW has the quality certificates specified below as a result of its sensitivity towards quality systems.

Klingelnberg Gear Measuring Machine

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, KLINGELNBERG gear measuring machine enables measuring of gears produced within NRW at micron sensitivity, then quality of those gears is approved.

With gear measuring device;

  • Spur gears;
  • Helical gears;
  • Bevel gears;
  • Worm screws and gear wheels;
  • Drive-bevel gears;
  • Unknown gears

are measured and approved very sensitively.

Klingelnberg gear measuring machine can measure and report profile, step, diameter, angle, backlash and waste material amount of gears produced by NRW as per DIN / ISO standard and classify gear quality according to data obtained.

In line with this data, all approvals of gears are issued along with the reports; so necessary improvements and developments are carried out on the basis of these reports.

All gears are given approvals in 2 separate operations to produce sensitive and silent gear units as NRW.

Gears that are approved in the first stage as gear shaping operation are reapproved after finishing operations as stoning - buffing - honing processes in the 2nd stage. Therefore, POKE-YOKE is applied per process.

Our Quality Certificates